Focus on Character is a family owned business which started in 1985. Don and Morna Gilbert and their four children began the journey of teaching character in children’s programs.

Opportunities then came to expand into city/county government, public schools, and businesses.

They have been keynote speakers for many home school conventions and special events through the years.

Being a family that promotes excellent character does not mean perfection abounds! It merely means they are headed in the direction of trying to do what is right because it is right to do!  Please join the adventure!

 The Focus on Character family has experienced many tragedies and pain and has come to the conclusion:  

how we respond to those circumstances is the true test of  our Character. 



Focus on Character is impassioned about people learning good Character.  We see character training as a vehicle of exhortation and encouragement to others.  The Focus on Character family has been trained by the Character Training Institute in Oklahoma City, for implementation in city/county governments, corporations, and schools.  Focus on Character has expanded into the family setting.


Focus on Character is available for your group. 

Focus on Character has a professional booth displaying the materials from Character First! and other Character related materials they find of high quality in content and appearance.   We hope you find this encouraging and of value and look forward to hearing from you! 


Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

Focus on Character 

12128 N Division #118

Spokane, WA  99218 

Flexibility vs. Resistance 

Willingness to change plans or ideas without getting upset